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Foam Colour
ASPAC® Floral Foam is specially designed and formulated to retain...
Water Absorption
Floral Foam has the excellent water absorption capacity, saturate...
  Handy Tips
Quick tips & proper use of ASPAC® Floral Foam:
  1. Fill a clean container with plain water.
  2. Place the floral foam and let it float naturally in a container on a flat position.
  3. Don't force floral foam down into water,(This is to avoid air NOT being trapped. inside any cell of the foams and resulted in creating dry spot in the floral foam.)
  4. Soak the foam thoroughly for the less than 60 seconds.(A standard size brick of ASPAC® Floral Foam saturates in less than 60 seconds)
  5. Water must be added daily to replenish the supply due to the evaporation process and consumed by flowers.