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  Quality Inspection Studies
Quality Inspection Studies on ASPAC® Brick Foam
 Brick dimension  23 x 11 x 8 cm
 Colour  Fresh green
 Density  average 12 lbs/sq.inch
 (12 lbs/sq.inch - Ideal grade)
 (13 lbs/sq.inch - Premium grade)
 (14 lbs/sq.inch - Deluxe grade)
 *Multiple density to suit the various market demands.
 Water absorption time  Within 1 minute
(60 secs)
 Dry brick weight  50 g
 Wet brick weight  2000g
 Water drainage / leakage  0g
 pH level  pH 7
 Water retain period  7 days & above
 Cell Structure  Fine
 Sponginess  No
 Brown water  No
 Dust  No