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Foam Colour
ASPAC® Floral Foam is specially designed and formulated to retain...
Water Absorption
Floral Foam has the excellent water absorption capacity, saturate...
  What's New
Aspac® Vertical Plastic Stand

Aspac® Vertical Stand filled with Aspac® Deluxe Floral Foam provides added support to any  vertical or upright designs . Super strong injection mold plastic base & cage.  Available in 3 sizes.
Aspac® Leafshine

Provides a clean and gives the leaves a dust resistant & natural gross!!
Aspac® Foot Impression Foam

Used by podiatrists for cast impression or replication of a foot imprint.
Aspac® Growing Medium

Aspac® Growing medium- minimized the need for dibbling and direct root growth downward. Balance pH 6.5-7, Perfect for propagation .
Aspac® Pew Holder

Foam filled cage is welded to clip for secure hold of floral designs to church pews & seating areas.

Aspac® Cross

Ready-to-use Aspac® cross . Solid plastic base and cage add stability of larger floral arrangements. Eyelets at each end provide versatility for securing to easels.


Aspac® Lettering System

Plastic backed letters are filled with Aspac®Deluxe Floral Foam with clips for quick assembly. A- Z available.